Purpose and Authority of the Council

The purpose of the LC-CDAAC is to encourage and assist county and community groups to develop and maintain comprehensive alcoholism and drug abuse education and prevention programs throughout Leavenworth County.

The LC-CDAAC is an advisory council to the Leavenworth County Commissioners. The Council makes recommendations for the expenditure of revenue provided to the County through the provisions of Kansas Statute 79-41a04.

Provision 1

“Moneys in the special alcohol and drug programs fund shall be expended only for the purchase, establishment, maintenance or expansion of services or programs whose principal purpose is alcoholism and drug prevention and education, alcohol and drug detoxification, intervention in alcohol and drug abuse or treatment of persons who are alcoholics or drug abusers or are in danger of becoming alcoholic or drug abusers.”

Provision 2

“In any county in which there has been organized an alcohol and drug advisory committee, the board of county commissioners shall request and obtain, prior to making any expenditures from the special alcohol and drug programs fund, the recommendations of the advisory committee concerning such expenditures. The board of county commissioners shall adopt the recommendations of the advisory committee concerning such expenditures unless the board, by unanimous vote of all commissioners, adopts a different plan for such expenditures.”

Council Members

  • Laura Thornton Co-Chair
  • Pat Barnhardt,   Co-Chair
  • Barbara Adolphson,  Co-Secretary
  • Deborah Gregor, Co-Secretary
  • John Groves, Treasurer
  • Emily Shoemaker, Member
  • June Foley, Member
  • Teresa Groves, Member
  • Brynn Peter, Member

Community Grant Recipients

Any interested citizens or groups of Leavenworth County and inclusive municipalities who sponsor specific programs for substance abuse prevention, intervention, and treatment, or provide alcohol and drug abuse resources that address prevention and/or addicted persons. Any proposal will be considered that is submitted by the annual deadline, contains the required information, and directly addresses the stated purpose of special alcohol and liquor tax funds’ expenditures. Children and youth programs, primary prevention, and not-for-profit proposals will receive priority consideration.

Contact Us

Leavenworth County – Cities Drug and Alcohol Abuse Council

P.O.Box 354

Lansing, KS 66043