Council Activities

Oversee Application Process

Eligibility: Any interested citizens or groups of Leavenworth County and inclusive municipalities who sponsor specific programs for substance abuse prevention, intervention and treatment, or provide alcohol and drug abuse resources that address prevention and/or addicted persons. Any proposal will be considered that is submitted by the annual deadline, contains the required information, and directly addresses the stated purpose of special alcohol and liquor tax funds’ expenditures. Children and youth programs and primary prevention, not-for-profit proposals will receive priority consideration.

Process Schedule:

  • Publish grant application (January).
  • Receive grant applications (February).
  • Review grant applications and develop recommendations; present recommendations to Leavenworth County Commission; provide approved schedule of disbursements to Leavenworth County Treasurer; notify successful applicants (March/April).
  • Review post-grant evaluations (June and September).
  • Review and revise grant application for next cycle (September).

Support Red Ribbon Week

Nation’s oldest and largest drug abuse prevention campaign, conducted annually in October.

Three Annual Meetings

September: Elect officers, plan Red Ribbon Week activities, and update annual grant application

March: Review grant applications and develop recommended awards

June: Review post-grant evaluations and consider lessons learned for next cycle